Bishop Museum

75% love it
One of the finest museums for Pacific Island culture.
Founded in 1889 by Charles Reed Bishop in honor of his late wife, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the last descendant of the royal Kamehameha family, the Museum was established to house the extensive collection of Hawaiian artifacts and royal family heirlooms of the Princess; it's expanded to include millions of artifacts, documents and photographs about Hawaii. It's the largest museum in the state and the premier natural and cultural history institution in the Pacific, recognized throughout the world for its cultural collections, research projects, consulting services and public educational programs. It has one of the largest natural history specimen collections in the world.
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    • BBUC
      BBUC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hawaiian culture best displayed in museum form
      A truly great place to visit, anyone going to Honolulu should visit. Really great collection of Hawaiiana on display. One learns to really appreciate this culture especially when they know how they were overthrown by the US government. This was our real royal family. Museum is quite large and has so many beautiful items.

    • YourPalPete
      YourPalPete Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Museum Dedicated to Polynesian Culture
      Dedicated to Polynesian culture and artifacts, the Bishop Museum is the largest museum in Hawaii. There are displays of Hawaiian quilts, as well as displays of Hawaiian artifacts, carvings and costumes. The Hawaiian Hall focuses on old Hawaiian gods and legends. Another section of the museum has exhibits relating to Hawaii's environment. If you're interested in Hawaiian artifacts and a glimpse into Polynesian cultural, this museum is worth a visit.