House Without a Key

100% love it
Outdoor sunset entertainment
Immortalized in the 1925 Charlie Chan novel! Part of the Halekulani Hotel, House Without a Key is a picturesque open-air bar and cafe that features hula dances as the sun descends across the horizon. One of the traditions of Halekulani (cocktails and music under the century-old Kiawe tree) is preserved here.


    • YourPalPete
      YourPalPete Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My Favorite Thing to Do in Waikiki
      House Without a Key is a small, informal open-air restaurant and bar located in the prestigious Halekulani Hotel on Waikiki Beach. They serve breakfast, lunch, cocktails and appetizers. The huge draw for me is the entertainment at sunset. I like to go immediately before sunset and order a cocktail and a sandwich. (This is the ONLY inexpensive thing you can do at the Halekulani Hotel!) No need to dress up. Casual attire is fine. Every evening, they feature Hawaiian music and hula dancers. For me, this is the epitome of a perfect evening in Waikiki--sitting in the open air, seeing the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, listening to the relaxing Hawaiian music and watching the graceful hula dancers. This is my absolute favorite thing to do in Waikiki, and I do it on every visit!