Eggs 'N Things

100% love it
Breakfast all day, local style!
This has been a popular Waikiki eatery for both locals and tourists since 1974. Famous for their buttermilk pancakes!


    • Jipsta
      Jipsta Over a year ago

      The tofo and grilled veggies with white rice was the BEST. All the eggs are light, not buttery/greasy and healthy options are available

    • slimrfun
      slimrfun Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Three locations now
      The one on Saratoga rd is the flagship restaurant. We waited 40min. They give you a cd sized pager that goes off when your table is ready. So make sure you sign in at the downstairs reception for your pager. Food was good and the staff better. You can find another location accross from waikiki beach. Check out the website to see all locations and the menu.

    • JeffreyTravels
      JeffreyTravels Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great breakfast
      Great place for breakfast. Line can get long, but would definitely recommend.

    • sharetheroad
      sharetheroad Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The macadamia pancakes ARE amazing...
      Yep, the macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup are fantastic. Note the restaurant has moved and is now at 343 Saratoga Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815.

    • BBUC
      BBUC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best Breakfast in Waikiki
      For us this is by far the best place to get a fantastic breakfast while staying in waikiki. The wait can be a half hour sometimes for a table, but well worth the wait. They have these maccadamia nut pancakes with a coconut syrup that's to die for. Its a place that the locals and tourists like equally. The food is excellent, waiters incredibly friendly and fast. We highly recommend this place