Banzai Pipeline (Ehukai Beach Park)

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Iconic beach for surfers and surfer watchers.
Pipeline has been featured in numerous films. Winter is the best season for surfing - or watching surfers - but it's a beautiful beach year round, and usually not as crowded as many other of Oahu's beaches.


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      YourPalPete Over a year ago
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      Home of the Banzai Pipeline
      This beach is difficult to find, and it is not the most popular north shore Oahu beach for tourists. But it IS the home of the most famous surf in Hawaii--the Banzai Pipeline. This beach is a favorite of the local surfers and it's often packed with them. During the winter months, the big surf here is amazing. I've seen spectacular tubes in excess of 30 feet. This is for the experts only. One winter I saw a surfing competition here. Another winter I saw lifeguards train on this beach. (Would it be appropriate to say how hot that experience was? Dozens of muscular young guys in their orange Speedos! I was trying to think of a reason to have my life saved!) During the summer months, the surf is suitable for novices, and the beach is a nice place to soak up the sun.