Honokohau Beach

100% love it
This stretch of property has been unofficially adopted as Kona's gay beach.
Take Highway 19 north from Kona. Turn left between Mile Markers #97 and #98. Park in the north lot of Honokohau Harbor and take the trail to the beach, past Ai'opio Beach. The northern end of the trail leads to an unofficial gay, nude beach. There is a history of authorities fining folks for nudity, so use caution.


Upcoming Events at Honokohau Beach

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      Hulaone Over a year ago

      Beware: Their are now Park Police in the bushes during the day. They now sit their and bust anyone who either goes nude or does anything else obseen. (Tickets) Solution: Go down farther. Past the "Bath" and find a spot. The beach is not all that great but it is a real nice spots down here.

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      NordicGuy Over a year ago

      well, not really any more...
      ever since they improved access with that paved road and parking just behind the once (gay) isolated north end - and cleared out all the brush that provided cover for impromptu sexual activity - it's not really all that gay or all that nude any more... but it's still a nice place to meet up with guys and enjoy the beach...