Sea Life Park Hawaii

An easy way to get up close to marine life
Features dolphin and sea lion performances, a 300,000 gallon shark tank, a penguin habitat, Kids Play Zone, seabird sanctuary, sea turtle feeding. See website for additional programs & packages including swimming with dolphins.


Upcoming Events at Sea Life Park Hawaii

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      BBUC Over a year ago

      Located outside Waikiki
      This is similar to sea world,smaller scale. It's location is actually outside Waikiki and depending on traffic it can be easily 1/2 hr drive out. It's beyond haunama bay, still for the locals it may be a cool day out but I would save my money for the big boys on mainland and do something more Hawaiian oriented.

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      YourPalPete Over a year ago

      Miniature Version of Sea World
      Sea Life Park is like a very small version of Sea World. The admission price is $29. When I was there, the place was filled with kids who seemed to be loving the experience. I thought the dolphin show and sea lion show were OK. For an extra charge, you can participate in a dolphin encounter. My favorite exhibit was the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, who can live as long as 80 years.